As Sülekler Family, since 1960 we carried away our knowledge and experiences about Forest Products Production and Marketing into textile sector in 2004.

As of 2013, we included the fabric into our scope of production which was initiated with home textiles. With important investments which we have made for fabric production, as an alternative for the fabrics which are used for home textiles and

which are composed of natural fibers such as ; polyester, viscose, spun, nylon, rayon yarn, cotton and wool, we have been getting engaged in winding, bending and texture procedures of the filament yarns, thus we have been fulfilling the fabric producers’ necessities accordingly.

Continuous quality, competition, competitive prices and timely delivery are our constant principles for our products and services. We are receiving a great deal of attention and support from our customers as we have been working with the principles of honesty and quality both in our production and services. We also thank you for this attention and we hereby commit to continue with the same principle both today and in the future.

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