To keep the trust of our customers and the quality standard of our products above all commercial concerns,

To follow the principle of quality first in management and production,

To lead the development of the textile industry, which is the lifeblood of the country's economy,

Contributing to the increase in employment by opening new business areas,

Being open to continuous learning, not being content with what we know.


To lead our country to take its place in the international competition in the textile sector in general, to increase production by contributing to the development of the textile industry. To increase the dependence of Europe and the world on our country in the textile industry.

Values of the Suleks

It adopts to fulfill its responsibilities towards its customers and employees in line with universal principles.

In the light of this vision, Sülekler Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

He is hardworking, dynamic and progressive.

It values dynamism, innovation and creativity in all business processes. It rejects the bureaucratic submissiveness that invests in research and development and resists change.

He believes that the key to success is to work efficiently, disciplined and planned.

Human resource is its most important capital.

We are aware that the greatest assurance of our product and service quality is our employees to reach our goals. Therefore, it is our primary goal to employ the best manpower.

It believes in the power of creating a peaceful work environment, team spirit, common synergy and communication. In order to add value to our employees, it enables vocational training and development and rewards success.

While creating value for its customers with quality products and services, it also builds its relationships on reliability and solution partnership. It anticipates the changing needs and tries to produce solutions rapidly with a proactive approach.

It values people and supports sharing; it rejects selfishness and greed.

Environmental protection approach is one of the priority issues at all levels of Sülekler Tekstil. The company not only makes corporate contributions, but also encourages its employees to participate in social responsibility activities.

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