In our company committed to quality, cleanliness and occupational safety, we serve our customers within the shortest deadlines.

We block fly and any unfavorable substance that may come from outside at the maximum level with our special filtration systems.

Every stage of our manufacturing process is encoded and recorded by a special controllable software, and we deliver the yarns to our customers with their defined types and physical properties.

Every stage of production is controlled.

In our 'Single Cover' lycra covering machines we are making production suitable for home textile, garment and knitting sectors.

Our covering and double twisting machines combine yarns of various physical properties to contribute to the RE & DE work of our customers and produce fancy yarns for the sector.

In 2017 we have activated our fantasy twisting department with 4000 spindles capacity.

We produce Shantug, nope, sim cord and all kinds of fancy yarns.

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